CoCCA is an acronym for Council of County Code Administrators, CoCCA is an internet infrastructure support company established in 2004 by a consortium of ccTLD managers. The registry software we author and maintain is the most widely deployed ccTLD registry solution in the industry. The CoCCA SRS is used to manage 54 ccTLDs and 6 gTLDs

The CoCCA software may be hosted or downloaded and installed locally, optional commercial support is available.

CoCCA provides TLD managers who purchase commercial support with training, hosting, data escrow, failover, disaster recovery and complaint resolution services.


A dozen ccTLDs have adopted the CoCCA AUP - based policy framework. This framework addresses not only rights to a particular text string ( domain ) but the registrant's use of that string. Policies apply recursively, and are applicable not only to the domains in the registry but apply equally to any subordinate domain created by the registrant.

The registrants licence to use a domain requires that they comply with the applicable AUP, a failure to comply with the AUP or to remedy a breach of the AUP may result in a suspension of a domain and it's removal from the zone.

The CoCCA Complaint Resolution Service ( CRS ) supports registry - level suspensions and consists of three parts ( 1. initial review, 2. referal to Ombudsman for amicable complaint resolution, 3. binding arbitration. ). Overview |  AUP Form

Lodging a complaint and amicable complaint resolution are free services. Binding arbitration is carried out by external experts and is a fee-based service ( normally applicable to resolution of complex intellectual property issues ).

To lodge a complaint email  | support@coccaregistry.org

Marina Chibisova
Registry Liaison, Finance
PGP Key | Marina Chibisova
Garth Miller
SRS Project Manager
PGP Key | Garth Miller
Mustafa Rifaee
CTO, Registry Operations
PGP Key | Mustafa Rifaee
CoCCA Registry Services (NZ) Limited
4a / 36 College Hill Road
Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011
New Zealand

Tel: +64 (0)9 446 6370
Branch Offices
CoCCA Registry (FR)
6 rue de la Michodière
Paris 75002 France

CoCCA Registry XO Pty. Ltd.
Unit 552 83-93 Dalmeny Avenue
Rosebery, NSW 2018 Australia
Gulf States Contact
Kuwaitnet General Trading and contracting Co.
Ahmad Aljaber st, Dar AlAwadi Tower, 25th floor,
Sharq city Kuwait
Tel: +9651807060 Fax: +96522257060
Email: info@kuwaitnet.com


The maintenance of the CoCCA software and shared infrastructure in Paris is user-funded, CoCCA wishes to thank the following administrators for their generous financial support.

  • Afghanistan | .af | Ministry of Communications and IT
  • American Samoa | .as | AS Domain Registry
  • Anguila | .ai | Government of Anguilla
  • Botswana | .bw | Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA)
  • Christmas Island | .cx | Christmas Island Domain Administration
  • Congo | .cg | Central African Backbone (CAB)
  • Côte d’Ivoire | .ci | Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications/TIC de Côte d’lvoire (ARTCI)
  • Ecuador | .ec | NIC.EC (NICEC) S.A.
  • Egypt | xn--wgbh1c مصر | National Telecoms Regulatory Authority
  • Egypt | .eg | Egyptian Universities Network (EUN) Supreme Council of Universities
  • Greenland | .gl | TELE Greenland A/S
  • Guernsey | .gg | Island Networks Ltd
  • Guyana | .gy | University of Guyana
  • Haiti | .ht | Consortium FDS/RDDH
  • Honduras | .hn | Red de Desarrollo Sostenible Honduras
  • Iraq | .iq | Communications Media Commission
  • Iraq | xn--mgbtx2b عراق | Communications Media Commission
  • Jersey | .je | Island Networks Ltd.
  • Kiribati | .ki | Telecommunications Authority of Kiribati
  • Kuwait | .kw | Kuwaitnet General Trading & Contracting Co
  • Montserrat | .ms | MNI Networks Ltd.
  • Morocco | .ma | Agence Nationale de Réglementation des Télécommunications (ANRT)
  • Mozambique | .mz | Centro de Informatica de Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
  • Namibia | .na | Namibia - Namibian Network Information Center
  • Nigeria | .ng | Nigeria Internet Registration Association
  • Norfolk Island | .nf | Norfolk Island data services
  • Peru | .pe | Red Cientifica Peruana
  • Rwanda | .rw | Rwanda Information Communication and Technology Association (RICTA)
  • Saint Kitts And Nevis | .kn | Ministry of Finance, Sustainable Development Information & Technology
  • Solomon Islands | .sb | Solomon Telekom Company Limited
  • South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands | .gs | Government of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI)
  • Timor Leste | .tl | Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • Zambia | .zm | Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA)
  • .xn--p1acf | .pyc | Rusnames Limited | Russian speaking Community
  • .shia | Asia Green IT System | The .SHIA gTLD is intended for Shia Muslim faithful who wish to promote, participate or learn about Islam and its various facets.
  • .tci | Asia Green IT System | TCI is well-known among the company's customers, especially those outside their established service area. With an eye towards growing business abroad, TCI has entrusted AGITSys with the development of the TCI gTLD
  • .nowruz | Asia Green IT System | People using and familiar with the Persian language know 'nowruz' to mean 'the new day', or 'the new year'
  • .pars | Asia Green IT System | The benefits of the .PARS domain will be manifold, not just to registrants but also to tens of millions of Persian internet users, as well as many others with an interest in or curiosity regarding Persia.
  • xn--mgbt3dhd همراه, | Asia Green IT System | "comrade", /hamra/
  • .edu.eu | European EDU Domain Registry Limited | European identity for educational organisations

  • Last Updated | Noveber 12, 2017


CoCCA does not have a formal relationship with the TLDs below but they are understood to be using the CoCCA registry software.

  • Benin | .bj | Benin -Benin Telecoms S.A.
  • Burundi | .bi | Centre National de l'Informatique
  • Cameroon | .cm | Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL)
  • Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The) | .cd | Office Congolais des Postes et Télécommunications - OCPT
  • Dominican republic | .do | Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra
  • Ghana | .gh | Network Computer Systems Limited
  • Kenya | .ke | Kenya Network Information Center (KeNIC)
  • Libya | .ly | General Post and Telecommunication Company
  • Madagascar | .mg | NIC-MG (Network Information Center Madagascar)
  • Mauritania | .mr | Université des Sciences, de Technologie et de Médecine
  • Mauritania | xn--mgbah1a3hjkrd موريتانيا | Université des Sciences, de Technologie et de Médecine
  • Mauritius | .mu | Internet Direct Ltd
  • Palestinian Territory, Occupied | .ps | Ministry Of Telecommunications & Information Technology, Government Computer Center
  • Palestinian Territory, Occupied | xn--ygbi2ammx فلسطين | Ministry Of Telecommunications & Information Technology, Government Computer Center
  • Philipines | .ph | DotPH
  • Sudan* | .sd | Sudan Internet Society
  • Syria | .sy | National Agency for Network Services (NANS)
  • Syria | xn--ogbpf8fl سورية | National Agency for Network Services (NANS)
  • Turks and Caicos Islands | .tc | Melrex TC
  • Virgin Islands | .vi | Virgin Islands Public Telecommunications System, Inc.
  • Yemen | .ye | TeleYemen

  • Last Updated | July 17, 2018
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